Executive Director

Alex Atkins

Ms Atkins has over 7 years of non-executive director experience with listed companies and NFPs. She is currently a non-executive director of ASX200 global contract mining company, Perenti Global Limited (ASX: PRN), Strandline Resources Limited (ASX: STA) and International Women in Mining (an NFP). She is a former director of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Alex has over 25 years’ multi-disciplinary and multi- commodity mining experience across the full value chain throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea in roles that find, design and run mines, regulate mines and has also worked at Deloitte. She is also managing director and principal at Alex Atkins & Associates, a mining risk consultancy focused on protection/conformance (assurance) and performance (digital transformation).

With core competencies as a mining and geotechnical engineer, Alex has developed strong skills in finance, strategy, risk and governance which she has further honed during her time at Deloitte, as an executive consultant and on boards. Alex’s “X-Factor” is her leadership of the digital transformation of mining whilst managing mining’s critical material risks.

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